Have you ever dreamed of making money from home?

Get in the trucking industry 

Let's start this off by letting you know the answer a question you may have for starters. What is a freight broker? 

 A freight broker is someone who assists shippers with freight ready to haul by finding carriers who are qualified to haul the load.

 Freight brokers can run their own business or work for freight broker company.


They are responsible for arranging the transportation and tracking of a load hauled by a freight carrier.

The next question is more than likely how much can a freight broker make?


That can actually vary due to the type of freight you move. 

Being honest this is not for everyone it depends on you as a person. You can make nothing and I've personally with my partners had the lowest on an annual base made over a million and the most was 5 million.


There is money out there to be made for the right people.  This is not for everyone.


Our class is a 2 day (yes I know there are courses that cover this information in a day and trust me 2 days isn't enough.)


My course is 2 days and I do offer after class care so you are not just out there alone.


The In-person, class is $500.00 

 nonrefundable deposit is required for booking this class $100.00  per person

(includes course materials )

The online class is $500.00  zoom

a nonrefundable deposit is required for booking this class $100.00 once the full balance is payment course materials will be shipped.


Do you just want help setting up your trucking office with things like accounting, factoring, tracking, setup, dispatch and so much more we can help with that also?


In-person class $450 


nonrefundable deposit is required for booking this class $100.00


Online $600 this is a one on one training 

a nonrefundable deposit is required for booking this class $100.00

Training is a day of our in-person classes.

Let me help you gain knowledge of an industry that is always changing but never going away.